EDNAMORPHOSIS – conductors project with Mark Rowden


29th June – 27th July 2013

St James and Museum train stations, Hyde Park, Sydney – as you head towards the platforms, you will see the artworks in the glass cabinets.

Mark Rowden’s prints explore the personal realms of modern life through a very recognisable style. For this project, Rowden decided to use the public space to celebrate the Australian icons of Barry Humphries and Dame Edna and explore the relationship between the man and the character with traditional printmaking techniques.

It is culturally significant that these icons are being celebrated in a place dedicated to transport, because the character of Dame Edna Everage was developed during a period of travel. In 1955 Barry Humphries was invited to join the fledgling Union Theatre Repertory Company, which toured Victorian country towns. Whilst on tour, Humphries invented Edna gradually as part of the entertainment for the actors during commutes between towns.

EdnamorphosisConductors Project June 2013

Conductors Project is a new public art initiative utilising two of Sydney’s busiest train stations. By transforming the disused display cabinets of St James and Museum into exhibition space, the daily commute of approx. 5800 people becomes a cultural experience. Committed to exhibiting the work of both emerging and established artists, Conductors Project both connects artists to new audiences and enriches the lives of Sydney’s commuters.

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